The Bike Project Leadership Academy

Read below to find out more about our client The Bike Project and the work we are doing with them.

Our client - The Bike Project

The Bike Project is a charity that takes second hand bikes, fixes them up and donates them to refugees and asylum seekers living in London and Birmingham.

Our work with The Bike Project

The Bike Project came to us as they wanted to invest in some development for their leadership team.

To enhance the organisation's leadership and management capabilities, we spent time getting to know the organisation and their values and aspirations. We then designed a series of bespoke 2-hour skills bites, delivered on a weekly basis, in a live online format.

Here is an example of some of the sessions we ran with them:

Senior Management sessions

  • An introduction to Leadership and Management
  • Performance and Communication Skills

Management sessions

  • Let's Talk Leadership - How to be the best leader you can be
  • Let's Talk Teamwork - How to build a high-performing team
  • Let's Talk Performance - How to support your teams to deliver their best work
  • Let's Talk Communication - How to enhance personal communication

We are pleased to say that this approach has been very successful and they have reported a tangible uplift in the knowledge and skills of their leaders and managers.

Here is what Jem Stein, the founder of The Bike Project, said about our training:

“I've done a fair few management courses in my time and they have mostly been either very basic or mediocre but Rosie Nice delivered management training to our senior team and it was excellent. It gave us a great framework to discuss our approaches and I really enjoyed it. "
Jem Stein

The Feedback

"Really Great pacing to the session. Clear and concise information, quality over quantity. All too often I can leave these courses feeling overwhelmed. This struck a really nice balance."

"Thank you very much. ESB Training is fab"

"This was by in far the best Zoom class I have done. And it was massively more engaging than any other management training that I've done, and because of that I am putting much more of it into practice already. Rosie is an amazing teacher, and I'm sad it's over"

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