Farsight Consulting: Building a coaching culture

Read about our client Farsight Consulting and how we have helped them build a successful coaching culture across their whole business.

Our client - Farsight Consulting

Farsight Consulting specialises in digital transformation in the public sector, working across government to modernise public services and to make things better for the UK.

Our work with Farsight Consulting

We have been working with Farsight Consulting consistently since 2018, and during that time they have transformed from a small team of under 20, to now employing more than 100 people, and are still successfully growing.

Farsight have always prioritised coaching and learning for their people and they initially came to me to help set up an internal Skills Academy, offering development programmes for everyone. Together, we designed and delivered a suite of short, engaging sessions, on a range of subjects including high performing teams, influencing skills and personal communication. Since then, the Skills Academy has gone from strength to strength, and we have created learning pathways for their leaders and coaches and set up action learning sets for all Farsighters to support and coach each other to work through real-time problems and challenges.

Here is an example of some of the sessions we run with them:

Coaching Pathway

  • An introduction to coaching
  • Developing the knowledge, skills & behaviours of an effective coach
  • Supporting wellbeing as a coach
  • Coaching for high performance and personal fulfilment

Leadership Pathway

  • Developing ourselves as leaders
  • Developing and leading our teams
  • Developing and leading our business

Farsight Consulting are a fabulous example of a true coaching culture in action. Every single person has a coach, and coaching behaviours can consistently be seen in conversations and collaborations throughout the business. It is an absolute pleasure work closely with all their coaches and leaders.

Here is what Charlotte Hurst, MD of Farsight Consulting, said about our training:

“ I wanted to say thank you for all your input (and support - both with logistics and in terms of content development and planning) for the Leadership Pathway.  I thought it landed really well - great facilitation, very welcoming and inclusive and very thought provoking. "

The Feedback

Here are some more comments from the team:

"I wanted to say a special thanks to Rosie. This was a really fun Skills Academy, it was so nice to do it in person, really interactive and stimulating. It was a lovely start to the day and it put me in a good mood afterwards! "

"I can apply all of this in my coaching sessions straight away. Definitely seeing the coaching models in action – really, really useful!!"

"Really enjoyable session, especially the skills practice. I found it useful to experience being a coachee as well as a coach."

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