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MAGIC Coaching offers a range of free resources to download, with exercises and tools to support your coaching practice.

These resources will be added to over time and we hope you enjoy using them and find them beneficial.

Please use them with the following understanding:

  • That you will use these resources only within your own personal coaching work or practice
  • That you will not charge for use of these resources
  • That you will credit our work appropriately, e.g. reference that MAGIC Coaching is the source of these materials.

Resource 1 - The MAGIC Happens in the Silence 

Download a free sample of the opening chapter of my book, The MAGIC Happens in the Silence, a guide to the art of reflective coaching.

Resource 2 - The MAGIC Methodology

It can help to consider the MAGIC Methodology as a simple arc, or bridge, helping our coachee move from where they are now, to where they want to be.

Resource 4 - The SILENCE  Model

Here are the seven factors which enable us to use the power of silence to create moments of coaching magic. The most important factor is to slow down and allow time for true reflection.

Resource 3 - The 15 MAGIC Questions

Here are the fifteen core coaching questions which form the heart of the MAGIC Methodology, creating a flow to guide you through the coaching process.


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The MAGIC Happens in the Silence


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